An evolving project.

The program available to you is the first version; improvements and modifications may be introduced. Please use the questionnaire on this page to make suggestions or ask questions. They will greatly help to improve the material.


The parents’ role of responsibility in educating their children

Parents have the primary responsibility for the education of their children. No educational program, neither this one nor any other course of affective-sexual education should be used without their knowledge and approval.

In this first phase of the project, the web page is constructed and designed for educators (parents, teachers, catechists…). We recommend that its access by adolescents be supervised and accompanied by an educator.


Beginning with the Introduction to the course

Before using these materials, it is advisable to carefully read the entire introduction of the book and the contents of the educator’s book. A proper moral and pedagogical formation would be useful in teaching this and other courses of affective-sexual education.

This would make it easier to understand better the goal that the program intends to reach through its different dynamics and materials, and it could consequently be correctly and effectively implemented.


How to use the film section

This section includes scenes from movies or ads that the educator can use as a resource in the transmission of certain concepts. However, the inclusion of these scenes does not imply that the whole movie has to be seen; nor it is a solicitation to buy products that may appear in the ads.