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The third step is to reflect with the youth on freedom.

The ME and YOU that enter into a relationship can do this in different ways thanks to the fact that we have been endowed with freedom. The history of each person still remains to be written.

This freedom has been given to us as a gift. It must be nourished, formed and ripened, so that, when we bring it into play, we may know how to make our lives and the lives of others more beautiful, since it is in Love, in the image of our Creator, that we find "True Freedom".

• The freedom of man, design of God the Creator.
• Freedom as the capacity to dispose of oneself and decide one’s own destiny through his actions.
• Freedom oriented toward the fullness of the communion of love with God.
• Moral freedom: freedom as susceptible to growth. It grows in the measure in which it is used in order to fulfill the truest desires; it decreases when it is inclined to satiate desires that cannot be ordered toward the moral good.
• Freedom oriented toward the communion of persons. The corruption of the idea of freedom: when God and other people are understood as limits to my freedom.
• The free disposition to donate oneself to the other, as a condition that makes love possible.
• The will, oriented toward the attainment of the good. God, absolute Good.
• Essential elements for a good disposition of one’s freedom: assertiveness, good spirits, anticipation, counsel of experienced people, hope in the fight.
• The family, place in which we learn to put our freedom at the service of the gift and of love.

000 ELDE LINnar EE8800

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