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The tent
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God, origin and destiny of humanity. This is the first step on the itinerary that our youth are going to complete. They will learn to look at themselves, and to define themselves as persons based on the observation, amazement and experience of themselves. They will come to know and guide their intelligence, will, desires, affections, and spirituality. They will accept their own body and recognize it as an expression of them as a person, where the origin and destiny of every man and woman is inscribed.

• The most important questions about the meaning of love and of one’s own being.
• The condition of creature with reference to God.
• The condition of child, as a fundamental condition of every human being.
• Every human being is unique and unrepeatable.
• The human being, composed of spiritual soul and material body.
• Growth and maturation of the body.
• The twofold condition of the human body: we have a body and we are a body.
• The body as expression of my person: the discovery of the meaning of one’s own life through the body.
• The discovery of the objective language inherent in the human body.
• The discovery of the human body as the body of a person, essentially oriented toward love.
• The body, indispensable element of human love.
• The body as the place of insertion and expression of one’s own identity.
• Puberty as a path of personal and social maturation, oriented toward personal fullness. Personal fullness consists of arriving to the knowledge of how to love and be loved

000 ELDE LINnar EE8800

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The tent 
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